Mirjam Fels Blog has moved – Your Action Is Required

Please note, that by the end of March this blog will discontinue. WordPress just isn’t as it used to be. I’m struggling too much with certain issues so I have decided to shut down AbleToPerform completely and start a brandnew Mirjam Fels blog somewhere else.

If you would like to continue reading my posts on home education and writing please follow me at Mirjam Fels from now on. Thank you!

If you would like to continue reading my posts on womanhood, marriage, headship, and homemaking, please sign up at The Christian Homemaker’s Blog. Thank you!


The Christian Homemaker Blog – 10

This is my last post here, referring to Keeping the Home Tidy at the blog of my new website called The Christian Homemaker. There is also a post about “Writing Goals” coming up at Mirjam Fels‘ blog (which is sequel of this blog) later on this evening.

Please do keep in mind that I will no longer be posting here and that this website/blog will eventually shut down and disappear. However, I would love to see you at my new place. If you haven’t done so, and would like to continue to read my posts, please unfollow here and sign up at either or both: The Christian Homemaker’s Blog (posts about homemaking, arts & crafts, modesty, headship, marriage, keeping a budget and more) and/or Mirjam Fels’ Blog (where I’m blogging about home education and writing) Thank you!