“I thought you are a Christian!”
“But I am!”
“Then why can’t you make your husband stay off alcohol?”

Susan turned around and went straight for the door.

“Here, Susan, I’m in the kitchen.”
“Mom, you won’t believe it! I just ran into Kate. We had a terrible argument — again. She was mocking me, asking why I can’t change Martin.”
“Oh dear!”
“Well, mom, I just don’t know… It’s just that… I don’t know if I’m a Christian.”
“What makes you think so?”
“Well, shouldn’t I be able to change things for the good? Why can’t I make Martin to stay away from alcohol?”
“Oh, hun! The new-birth happens all in one time but the change, the sanctification, takes time.”
“Yes, hun. Come on, I’ll show you something.”

They went into the conservatory where Mrs Strong showed Susan her little army of tiny plants.

“See, hun, it’s like this,” she said, pointing to one of her plants…

2017-03-22 Gurke Persika 12Tg

“New Christians are like tiny plants that just popped out of the compost. They feel good, they stretch, they try to reach heaven — but they do not have strong roots yet. Even so, it’s springtime and the sun is out more often now, there are still some chilly nights ahead — so they will need a shelter during these times. And once they begin to mature they cannot just be put outside in an instant. They will need to harden slowly so they will not perish.”

“Yes, mom. But what about Martin? How can I change him?”

“Susan, you will need to focus on growing into a mature Christian yourself; only God is able to change Martin’s heart. Focus on staying close to the Lord. Ask Him for wisdom and strength. Pray for Martin and stay on target.”