For What Reason

“Why’ you doing that?” Marion asked Susan.
“Do what?”
“Abstaining from all the good things in life.”
“Things like going out with you girls next Saturday night?”
“Yeah, like that.”

Seeing Martin coming around the corner felt heaven-sent.

“Sorry. Got stuck in the traffic. Ready to go?”
“Yup,” she waved her friend goodbye, “I’ll see you at work Monday.”

The whole weekend Marion’s word were nagging her. Sunday’s sermon wasn’t any different — to the contrary — there she was, listening to Meaningless, all meaningless. What does man get from all his labor under the sun?

“Can we go for a walk at the beach after service?”

“Oh, sorry. Yes, we could do that, hun.” Mrs Stones whispered while jotting down some notes.

The beach was at least 30 feet wide, the sand had a sparkling touch to it and the water was reflecting the gorgeous sunshine. What a beautiful day! As they were walking, Susan shared her thoughts about the talk she’s had with Marion. Her mom seemed distant, though.

“Mom? Are you listening, mom?”
“Sorry. Yes, hun, of course I am. Let’s go up that hill!”

2017-03-27 Going up 1

“You’ll see!”

Determined to stop for nothing, Mrs Stone kept going up.

“Mom! This is, this is — so exhausting!” Susan tried to catch her breath.
“C’mon, Susan! We are almost there.”
“Almost there? We are only halfway up this humongous heap of sand. What do you want up there anyway?”
“Press on, Susan! It’s all worth it. It will take your breath away.”

Sure enough, the view was breathtaking!

2017-03-27 Going up View

“Well, hun, was it all worth it?”
“Aw, mom, it is, it’s — a-m-a-z-i-n-g!”
“So let me ask you a question: ‘Why were you doing that?’”
“Do what?”
“Refraining from going back down when you were only halfway up.”
“Because I wanted to see what it is that could take my breath away up there.”
“Oh, is that the only reason you continued, huh?” Mrs Stone grinned.
“No, mom. Of course not! Neither did I want to disappoint you. You know that!”

Placing her hands on Susan’s cheeks, Mrs Stone answered: “Yes, I do, hun. Now, do you know what to answer next time someone asks you why you are doing that?”
“Yes, mom, I do. Thanks!”