The Best Picture

Always get the best picture by going to the real source!

True or False?

“It’s always raining in Ireland.”
“It takes exactly 5 minutes to make a hard-boiled egg.”
“All German people are punctual.”

I’m living in a small village in the Sunny South East of Ireland. It’s close to several beaches; all of them are only a few minutes’ drive away. I can show you pictures of the sandy beaches here, the sunrise over the Irish Sea, or a video of a 360° view while standing on top of the dunes overlooking the water and the surrounding land. But, say, would that leave you with the same impression — as walking barefoot across the soft sand, watching the huge fireball coming out of the water at the horizon, and smelling that fresh Ocean breeze?

My husband is heaven-sent, the perfect match for me. He is handsome, patient, kind and intelligent. I could give you the best description of his character traits but it wouldn’t give you such a clear picture of his personality as if you would meet him in person.

To get a truthful picture of things and people you will need to get to know the individual object or the person yourself. You will have to go through the effort and take the time to find out more facts and character traits. It’s the same with God and His Word: you’ll always get the best picture by going to the real source!

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13


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