The Time We Spend

This morning, I thought about how we spend our time…

We neglect spending valuable time outdoors: a walk at the beach or through the forest, riding our bikes or hiking. I’m not talking about exercising. I’m talking about spending quality time, doing something that refreshes our souls.

We read our Bible every morning alright. But how often do we read it between having coffee and getting ready to go to work? The time we spend to eat all of our daily meals is just about half an hour long. We watch TV, check mails on our mobiles, or read the newspaper while eating. When we are on vacation, we bend over backwards to go see places – not to study or enjoy them but so that we can say: “Been there. Done that.” Sundays are not any different anymore: we do not take time to rest our bodies and feed our souls, let alone spending time worshipping the Lord.

With so many different distractions coming our way these days we have to be on guard and have to schedule our time more wisely than ever! Yes, multitasking is okay and needs to happen at times. But by doing multiple tasks at the same time, some thing/s will suffer. We do not give it our full attention. We think we can manage it all at once but, we will have to admit sooner or later that we cannot give 100% to either one this way. There is a time for every matter under heaven.

Way back in the old days we waited eagerly for a word to arrive through mail to hear from our loved ones. We read the letter and we put it away. Then we’ve had phones and received a call. We talked and we hung up. Later on our phones became mobile. One day wired internet came along. Now we receive e-mail and talk online – which is convenient if we have friends and family all around the world. Then this new technology became wings; first inside our homes, nowadays it is with us wherever we may go…

We are so hyped up about emails, news, messages, tweets, posts, and all that the world-wide-web hasMobile Internet to offer, that we cannot leave our mobile internet devices at home. We have forgotten how to be still. What once has been knowledge found in books is now knowledge found in all kinds of media.

For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. (Ecclesiastes 1:18)

Ding, Ding! There is the next notification coming in on the mobile phone…

Time is precious, my friend. Make good use of it!


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