New Arrivals

Let me introduce you to two of my companions:

2017-05-16 Missy Rapsy.JPG

Missy           &           Rapsy

No, they are not new arrivals in our house — just here on the blog. And I need to introduce them to you because, from now on, they will pop up every now and then.

Let me start with Rapsy. He is the older one and came into my life after many, many prayers. My husband and I prayed for this dog many nights and days. We knew that if it was in God’s plan He would make and prepare this dog for us. God had to provide the money, too, for us to buy this dog. Rapsy came into our lives after a big flood of hardships. We first picked a different pup out of the same litter but it was chosen already. The breeder named this one Rap (working sheepdogs usually have one-syllable names) and I thought that was awesome. I wanted to have a dog named Raphael (Hebrew for It is God who heals) So we bought Rapsy in the summer of 2010.

Then there is Missy — a total different kind of story! She came to us in July of 2015. She is, what our vet calls, a good Wexford mix 🙂 As you can see, there is a good deal of Collie in her. Often times the Brittany Spaniel in her pops up and at other times the Terrier part of her comes to light. We’ve got her from a local dog pound/rescue when she was — or seemed to be — just about one year old. She was quite a challenge to train — and she still is at times. Missy is way more energetic than Rapsy and she is really goofy… well, both of them act rather silly at times 🙂

2017-01-14 Missy Meerkat Rapsy tongue.JPG

Enough on them for today! Watch this space to read more about Missy and Rapsy or drop by at our other blog at 4inIreland



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