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I still remember grandma sitting at the dining table early in the morning, her huge black Luther Bible and a small sheet of paper lying in front of her. The small paper was taken off her sheet calendar. It did not only have the date on it but also a Bible verse, a short story, Bible reading plan and the title of a worship song.

Today there are also many fine books and devotionals out there that assist us in reading the Bible, praying, dwelling on thoughts and walking with the LORD. I think small booklets (devotionals) are a great start to get (back) into regular Bible reading and devotional time. Nowadays most materials are available in digital form as well.

A Method For Prayer — Freedom in the face of God by Matthew Henry (ISBN 978-1-85792-068-0) is not a reader but well worth consider buying this summer.

MH A Method for Prayer.JPG

I’ll have to admit: this is mainly a book on prayer — a much neglected area of our Christian life. However, using this book during your devotional time will not only change the way you pray but also your view of God and yourself. You will dig deeper into the Word of God and many Bible verses will become so familiar to you.

This is not Matthew Henry sharing his thoughts about a topic. This is Matthew Henry sharing the Word of God with you! For example:

1.4. Our own misery and danger because of sin.

For thy Name’s sake, O Lord, pardon our iniquity, for it is great; for innumerable evils have compassed us about, our iniquities have taken hold upon us, so that we are not able to look up. Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver us; O Lord, make haste to help us. (60)

O remember not agains us former iniquities, let thy tender mercy speedily prevent us, for we are brought very low. Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of they name; deliver us and purge away our sins for they name’s sake. (61)

Remember not the sins of our youth, nor our transgressions, according to they mercy remember thou us, for thy goodness’ sake, O Lord. (62)

The numbers in brackets are references shown at the end of the chapter (3) referring to Bible verses:

  • 60 = Psalm 40:12-13
  • 61 = Psalm 79:8-9
  • 62 = Psalm 32:1-2

I like to use printed books — especially for my devotional and study times. They just have a different kind of feel to it, don’t they? However, if you prefer apps or digital books, there are several ebook versions of this book available. You can also read it for free online and/or sign up for the Daily Method for Prayer Emails


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