Books — The Bible

Is the Bible old-fashioned, a book that is hard to read and understand?

A few weeks ago we’ve ordered some books. This is one of them: the ESV Bible, The Reader’s Edition. 

ESV Reader's Bible.JPG

As you can see, the Reader’s Bible doesn’t have numerals before its verses. Its layout is single-column and with paragraphs.

There is a table of contents in the front, so you can look up the books easily. At the top of each page you will find the name of the book and the verse (number) range. If the page contains text from more than one chapter of the particular book of the Bible, the number of the chapter is shown in red next to where the new chapter begins.

Overall it has more of this Take and read it kind of feel’ to it. 😉

I wanted to mention the Reader’s Bible in this post but also the Word of God in general. God’s Word has so much to offer: comfort, encouragement, guidelines for life and more. Most of all, we really get to know God by reading what He is telling us!

“But I don’t have time to read the Bible every day!” you might say.

Did you know that, spending just 10 minutes a day, the average reader can read through the whole Bible in just one year? Imagine that! And most of us will reread it over and over again — year after year — just to discover there is so much more in it!

If you are a Christian: Do you read the Bible on a regular basis? Why? Why not?

Here is a little more about how to start or get back into Bible reading.


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