Now Is the Time

Looking back to my 20s and 30s I wish someone would have told me to keep up with certain things (more on these in later posts).

It’s September — already! Those of you who are of the older generation know that time seems to pass by faster now than when we were younger. It’s not, of course. But I think we are getting more and more aware of eternity. 

A Time for Everything Under Heaven

Knitting Box.JPG

While the days are longer, the sun is shining and the temperatures are high, I often neglect to pick up the needles and wool to knit the warm and cosy winter socks. During summer we don’t want to think of the coming winter. However, we need to be prepared for it. This should happen way in advance — before winter arrives — or else we are under pressure to get ready in time.

Then, while the days are still short, the sun is only coming through now and then, and the temperatures are still low, we need to plan and prepare our garden for the coming season — or we will not be able to harvest fruits and veggies later on in the year.

Blame Others vs Taking Responsibility

We like to pass on the blame to others, don’t we? That started way back in the Garden of Eden. It’s in our nature to hold others, society and circumstances accountable for whatever is going wrong in our lives. At some stage, however, we need to accept responsibility and face the coming days. We need to ask, What needs to be done now to reach the goal? And, Now, what’s the first/next step for me to do?

I’ve had a lot going on throughout this week but I also knew that Friday’s post needed to go online in time. I put it off until today. I’m truly sorry about that. It was a reminder to adjust my weekly schedule accordingly — and, the side-effect being: it gave me more food for thought to finish this post.

Plan Ahead — Reset Priorities

I love to read God’s Word. The more I read, the more sense it makes and the more I gain out of it (learning more about who God is). In due time I have to remind myself: Now is the time to study the Bible.

I love to write. The more I write the easier it gets. But if I neglect to keep focus on this daily task, I lose heart. So, after reading the Word, writing has its top priority place. Now is the time to write.

I love music. This year I started taking piano lessons. The first few lessons were hard. I almost gave up due to a lack of confidence. I also thought that I might be too old to start a new thing… Then, someone I know, who plays piano for the last ten years, said to me: “It takes practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more fun it will be — and your confidence will increase.” How true! Now is the time to practice.

What is it that you love or would love to be doing? What is important to you? What goal/s do you want to reach? What tasks in your life do you need to tackle? What timely adjustments should you make?



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