Getting Things Done At Home

“So, you are a homemaker, huh? Say, what do you do all day long?” Have you ever heard these questions before?

For the homemaker it must be worth it for her to stay at home. And that can only happen if she is productive. In other words, keeping the home must be a worthwhile job: financially feasible and fulfilling.

Unfulfilled Homemaking Is Unfulfilling

Homemaking does not mean: staying at home doing nothing. When housework remains unfulfilled, homemaking is unfulfilling.

There is a time for everything,  including times when we need to be still, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. No question about that! There is absolutely no problem when we postpone things — our weekly planner must allow for flexibility. However, whenever we procrastinate trouble is sure to follow. Coffee

(Successful) Homemaking does mean: getting the tasks done — one work day at a time. One way to be more productive is by avoiding the time wasters (e.g. uncontrolled and useless surfing, chatting and reading of social media’s latest posts).

Plan to be productive and you will be productive!

How do you accomplish things at home? The same way that any other freelance worker is getting things done: by working according to schedule! It will keep priorities and goals straight. Use a schedule for long-term, to-do lists for short-term planning.

Take, for example, the work of a writer. A book will not be written by just sitting down now and then and scribbling some notes on a paper, neither will these posts. A writer needs to make (schedule) the time to create (articles, blog posts, books). She will keep focus on her goal and reach it, step-by-step, accomplishing the next task/s on her to-do list.

Start out small. Stick with it!

Is a homemaker only productive when she is doing extraordinary and/or big jobs? Of course not! We often fail to see the importance of getting daily routines done.

What are some of the daily works you long to accomplish day by day? Make it a habit to complete them. However, be realistic! Start your daily routine by completing one or two tasks each day. Then, as soon as your daily routine is established, add another task and another one and another one — until you reached your daily work goal.


3 thoughts on “Getting Things Done At Home

  1. Great post Mirjam. As a homemaker, reminders like these are so worthwhile reading. Making to-do lists are an absolute for me. Even though I don’t get everything done, it gives a great feeling at the end of the day to see all that’s been crossed off 🙂

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