Bible Reading Plans

Have you ever read through the whole Bible before? Did you use a specific Bible reading plan? Which one? What did you like and dislike about the plan?

The first few years I stuck to one that guides its readers through the Bible in one year. After a while I felt like I’m following along, doing my Bible readings, just so I could tick off the boxes. Also, each year the start was exciting. But after reading Genesis and Exodus the wrestle usually began.

Then I switched and tried others. My favorite one was — and still is — the 52 Week Bible Reading PlanI was always looking forward to Wednesdays, because Wednesdays were “Psalm Days”. Each year that I was going through that plan I wished to make the reading of Psalms even more special.

I tried to come up with my own plan. Throughout the year I read certain books of the Bible, a Proverb a Day and a Psalm. But I felt I needed more guidance, that little push so I would stick to my daily readings.

What I was looking for is a plan that leads through God’s Word in one year without the Proverbs and Psalms. I would like to have them listed separately. Going through Proverbs each month is simple: I always read the Proverb of the Day, e.g. Proverb 3 on the 3rd of the month, Proverb 4 on the 4th of the month and so on. Reading a Psalm each day will lead to the Book of Psalms once in 150 days or twice in a year. Crossway/ESV offers some reading plans, including printable ones for Proverbs and for Psalms.

Are you going to use a specific reading plan to read through the Bible in 2018? Or do you need some more ideas what kind of plans are out there? Here is another link to Bible Reading Plans at Ligonier Ministries’ website.



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