No Longer Bullied On Special Days

This year I had a special day: my 50th birthday. Most people  celebrate their birthday and like to make more or less fuss about it. Honestly? I don’t. To me this is just another day like many others before or after it.

I usually don’t tell people about my birthday unless I really have to (something official). I mean, I talked about it, that I would turn fifty this year, but I never mentioned the date on which this would be going to happen. I just tell them, “Not yet. Not yet!” My birthday is towards the end of the year, so people eventually give up asking for my birthday 😉

Why all this fuss about making no fuss about it? I guess this goes way back to my childhood and teenage years. And it still hunts me in my adult years at times. You see, as a kid, I was bullied. It hurt! But on one specific day of the year everybody seemed to be nice/r to me. Why? Because it was my special day, my birthday. Once that was over it was all back to “normal” business — so I soon hated that day. Shouldn’t I have enjoyed it, since that one day out of the year I was treated so well? Nope!

See, I’d rather not have something at all than to long for it so long, just to enjoy it for an instant and then have to give it up again. This isn’t the best solution, I’ll admit. It is something I’m still working on, something God needs to bring healing for…

Have you been bullied before? Did people hurt you physically or through their words? Check out No More Bullies by Frank Peretti. I’ve read the previous version called The Wounded Spirit and found it very good.  

PS: Yes, thank you, I did enjoy my 50th Birthday this year. 😉


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