Reading the Bible and Devotionals

How are you doing with your daily Bible reading? If you are following a reading plan which is going straight through, from cover to cover, you probably just started to read the Book of Exodus. Both, the Book of Genesis and the Book of Exodus, are more or less easy to read and understand; the problem usually starts once we get to the Book of Leviticus. But don’t despair! Press on and study on — there is so much to discover in God’s Word!

If you would like to have a guide that leads you through the whole Bible — from Genesis to Revelation — check out Quick Study (TV and radio programme).

If you are still looking for Bible reading plans, you can find some suggestions at Ligonier Ministries, at ESV Bible and at The Navigators

There are also apps and more online plans out there — just type Bible Reading Plans and let the search engine do the work. Personally I prefer a plan that I can print, one I can put into my Bible, especially for times of power and/or internet outages 😉

Do you like daily devotional readings?

Spurgeon’s Devotional: Last year I read through Spurgeon’s Morning By Morning (a printed version) which I enjoyed very much. Usually it is offered as Morning and Evening and you can find it online, within many Bible software programms, as an app and also in ebook format.

Puritans Devotionals: This year I started to read Voices From the Past Volume 1 which contains a whole year worth of daily readings. I also love The Valley Of Vision which is a collection of Puritan prayers. It’s available as an audio book, in printed format and online — all at Banner Of Truth. My favorite devotional is Matthew Henry’s Method Of Prayer. It has a lot of Bible and less thoughts of men in it. You can enjoy the printed or ebook format, subscribe to it by email and get it delivered daily to your inbox or read it online.

The New City Catechism is another devotional with 52 weekly readings. First there is a question and its answer, then the corresponding Bible passage, followed by a commentary written by an historical figure and a commentary from a contemporary pastor. The weekly readings close with a short prayer.

Since I’m focusing on Psalms this year, I have ordered both volumes of Daily Prayer and Praise to use for my Bible study. These books have short portions of the Psalms followed by insights written by Henry Law. They are available at The Banner Of Truth Trust.


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