Keepers At Home — Part One

I know I’m entering serious ground and will step on one or the other toe today and in some of the following posts… But see, homemaking has been on my heart for a long, long time. How about you? Do you believe married women should stay at home? Or, should they have an outside job, too? Or, should they work from home — besides being a homemaker? At what stage should the woman stay and when should she go (back) to work?

I know many will argue that in today’s world the woman has to go to work because the second income is needed. Let’s put the finances aside for a moment. If money would not be the issue, what would your answer be (then)?

Titus 2:3-5 talks about the aged women — I’m one of them by now, I’m afraid 🙂 — how they should act and what they should teach the young women. Of course, we need to set a good example first before the younger women are willing to listen to us. Why should they, if our homes and our families are in a big mess? If it — what we teach — didn’t work for us, why should it work for them?

Let’s see what God’s Word (KJV) says what we need to be:

  • discreet
  • chaste
  • keepers at home
  • good
  • obedient to our own husband

and the reason being? That the Word of God be not blasphemed.

To me this is serious talk. I don’t want the Word of God to be blasphemed, do you? (In the ESV it says reviled which I find isn’t such a powerful word — so I used the KJV instead)

Now there is, amongst Christians, a discussion going on about how “much” the woman needs to stay at home and if it would be okay for her to work outside the home. I know that we do have situations when the woman has to work outside the home, e.g. single moms — I’ve been there! So, please do not go in defense right away.

My question is: if all the circumstances were right (finances okay, husband agrees) should a married woman be fully committed to keep the home / work at home? Why? Why not?


4 thoughts on “Keepers At Home — Part One

  1. I’m not one for “shoulds.” I think every woman should do what calls to their heart. There was a time I enjoyed working outside the home when I was first married. After only a few years, I really wanted to stay home and be the caretaker there. We couldn’t afford it at first, so we moved to another state where we could afford it. In this day and age, women are taught not to depend on a man financially. I kind of like that we depend on each other for different things. It feels meant to be for me, but each person must find truth for themselves.

    1. Thank you SO much, Lori, for sharing your thoughts — what‘s on your heart. I appreciate this and so do/will my readers, I‘m sure.

      Until next time. *Hugs*

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