Excuses For Not Writing

What acceptable alibi can you offer when things are not getting done? I mean, all of us have some sort of excuse for avoiding tasks. At times we might have a good reason like an emergency coming up. But it could, like in my case, be a matter of wrong time management.

For a long time my alibi for not writing was this: First I need to get this and that done and over with so I will have a clear mind to sit down and write without having to think of unfinished work. Did I complete the jobs first? Yes! Did I sit down to write afterwards? No, most of the times I didn’t! Why not? Because my writing days got “broken” that way and I was out of it… struggling to get back into it until I finally gave up.

Just one more thing before I write always gets me in trouble! So I have to avoid this at all cost. My solution? I came up with a different writing schedule: I start early in the morning and before I ever take a glance of that day’s to-do list. At that point I don’t want to know what needs to get done that day — no matter if there is a birthday in the calendar, an email due to write, or an important appointment scheduled for that day — all I care for in that moment is to sit down and get my writing done!

Of course, there are things that have priority, that must come “before” writing, but notice, not necessarily in time but only in importance! To me this is my husband, my family. Therefore, if my writing hinders this relationship than I’ll have to change something about it. Just because my writing comes earlier in the day than the attention I give my husband doesn’t mean he is of any less value to me!

Do you have days when your writing does not go according to plan? Do you have a plan for it? Do you write during set hours of the day?


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