It started when, on Tuesday evening, snowflakes were coming down. Weather on Wednesday wasn’t too bad but Thursday and Friday we knew that the forecast had become true: The Beast From the East was moving into Ireland and Storm Emma was giving it a helping hand. The people had been warned and so they flooded the supermarkets, getting hold of the last few breads on the shelves. But not only most of the bread was gone by Thursday…

In situations like these I ask myself: In desperate times, what will men call essentials? I understand that people will buy more bread than usual. It also makes sense to me that the stock on milk and eggs would be low. However, I wondered why nobody seems to care for the vegetables in the local supermarket. The meat section remained filled, but that was due to Shay, our local butcher, who kept a good deal of it in stock.

Now here are few items that were big sellers during the bad weather:

Would you agree, that these aren’t essentials — nothing that would be absolutely necessary? What items would you call fundamental, extremely important to buy, that, would be of good value for 5-7 days, a time you might not be able to go to the store?


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