Somebody Please Help

“I don’t understand. He just walked out on me and the kids.”

Dolores is a fine and good looking young woman. Yet, she felt like the most unattractive one on earth. Her husband has just left her without any reason. He told her that he could not go on like that. Her heart screamed at him but he just shut the door behind himself.

“I can’t see a heartbeat anymore.”

For the fifth time, Carol couldn’t believe what the doctor just told her. What does he mean by no more heartbeat? No, he must be wrong. He must check it again! I’ll go to another doctor’s office, one that tells me all is well.

“I’m really sorry but we can’t give you another credit.”

Hannah knew about her husband’s gambling addiction but never took it that seriously. Now their savings are gone, the rent is due in two days, the car needs a costly repair and their house bank won’t give them one more credit.

Will Somebody Help Me, Please!

Some friends told Dolores that her husband wasn’t the best match for her anyway and that she should be happy that he finally left her. Carol’s cousin advised that Carol is still young and that she will get pregnant again and bear children. Hannah’s co-worker asked why she hasn’t left her husband a long time ago.

Do Not Neglect To Do Good

Sometimes we are the victims who are hurt, other times we are the ones in a position to help. Should we swallow our pride and accept a helping hand? Should we reach out to the ones we can assist? Of course, we should! It’s not easy to reach out for help to somebody you hardly know. On the other side, things might not go well if we are trying to help someone who we don’t know much about.


Helping others, needless to say, should be the case within the household of God. Yes, it’s great when we help one another, and, as Christians, we should. We also know that God is working in and through people. However, first and foremost our trust should be in the LORD and not in people!

It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in man.
It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in princes.
(Psalm 118:8-9)

Further Reading / Study: 100 Bible Verses About Helping Others


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