A Woman’s Job

Have you ever asked yourself: What’s my purpose and my main goal? Who are the most important people in my life? What are the priorities I need to focus on?

In last Friday’s post I wrote:

While before one applicance served one purpose, today we want the appliances to do more and more different jobs. It’s that All-In-One-Syndrome, I guess. What we forget, though, is that too many functions squeezed into one appliance can actually spoil its overall usability.

We want to have certain rights: to have a decent education, to decide what’s good and what isn’t (for us and for our daughters). We want to be somebody. We crave for attention, love and respect.

Most women of today spend more time outside then inside their homes. They go through years of school, then they get a college education and shortly after their children are born they are back in college or at their workplace.

Let’s re-read what I wrote on Friday’s post and exchange some of the words…

While before a woman served her purpose, today’s society wants her to do more and more different jobs. It’s the All-In-One they expect her to be. What they forget, though, is that while she is taking on too many functions herself, her perfect role is spoiled.

Most men of today are told that they need to do certain jobs inside their homes, too, that is, to assist the working wife and mother of the children. There are situations, of course, when the woman has to take up an outside-the-home-job, no doubt about that! That’s when sharing housework with her husband is a great need and a wonderful blessing, no doubt about that either! But today I want to focus on the women who could — and should — stay at home.

The point is, working women are not able to give 100% in everything. Eventually, some things (relationships included) will suffer. A woman cannot give her all at the workplace and meet all the needs of her husband and her children and accomplish all of what her role as a Keeper Of the Home calls for.

We may think we are able to run the family home on the side but we must agree that it definitely won’t be running on all cylinders. We have such an influential role to play. We so often forget just how important it is for the devil to downplay it, distort it, yes, even to destroy it. That’s why it’s even more urgent to focus on it and take back what has been taken from us!


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