Doing a Study About the Kings Of Israel

About two weeks ago I’ve ordered a few books from the States. They are part of my study for this year. I was so thrilled when they got delivered last Thursday. One of them is called Kings Of Israel. It is an A Beka Book.

For those of you who do not know this publisher, A Beka publishes Christian books to use for grades K to 12. They sell textbooks to Christian schools and to homeschool families. You can find out more about them at their website: A Beka.

Last week the Kings Of Israel materials arrived. I’ve ordered the Student Study Outline, the Hymnal and the CDs (Sing His Praise — Kings Of Israel) The study is suggested for Grade 9 but it is very suitable and interesting for adults to study along, too.

The students will do quite a bit of Bible reading — going through the books of 1. Samuel, 2. Samuel, 1. Kings, 2. Kings, 1. Chronicles, 2. Chronicles, Daniel, Esther, Ezra, and Nehemiah. Their study begins with a quick Background of Events and then takes them through the United Kingdom (of Israel) and the Divided Kingdom. The book contains maps and charts. One page in the front lists the memory verses that are suggested to memorize. The text of the study is followed by an Application section, where students will read how to apply the individual lessons. After a couple of pages there are Questions for Review and Mastery.

I thought I’ll do this study in about 24 weeks but it is so rich and interesting that I’ll take my time and use the suggested 34 weeks for it.

If you are thinking of ordering the book, you might want to consider getting the Teacher’s Edition, too, which provides the answers to the questions, a scope and sequence, teaching guidelines and daily lesson plans. I cannot tell you more about that today because I haven’t received it yet (I’ve ordered both books separately) but I will catch up on that in a later post.


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