Two Arguments Against Homeschooling

Years back, while we were homeschooling, I’ve repeatedly heard these two arguments against home education:

  • The children will not socialize well.
  • You are not a teacher. How can you teach your children?

The first argument is one that every homeschool family will face sooner or later. So, do children that are homeschooled socialize well? I’ve shared a few thoughts in August last year (see my post Socialization) and I will share some more soon.

The second argument usually does not come up that often but it is still important. The homeschool mom may or may not be a teacher, the student’s willingness and ability to learn is of greater importance. If the homeschool children are able to study they will reach the goal and graduate. Their mom teaches them how to learn, where to find reliable sources and then she encourages them to keep on learning. That is called Learning For Life. 😉


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