It’s the middle of July, summertime, time for a vacation. Yay! Have you planned yours yet? Did you book it already? Where will you be going to this year? Are you looking forward to it?

We don’t go on trips too often. Why should we? We are living in a gorgeous area in the Sunny South East of Ireland, with the local beach just a few miles from our home. However, our 20th wedding anniversary ❤ is coming up in August this year. We haven’t been away for a while and so we decided to spend a week vacation in Ireland. We’ve booked a small place for two, um, well, us and our two dogs 😉 Where at? I will keep this a secret for now. Well, I can tell you that much: It’s a beautiful spot further down south of Ireland close to the Atlantic. I will let you know, perhaps share a few pictures with you, once we are back from our trip.

We are all very much looking forward to this vacation. Can’t wait to visit this beautiful area in Ireland. It’s in a county we haven’t traveled to yet.

Do you usually prepare ahead of time? I do. How early do you start packing your suitcases? Sometimes I will pack weeks before the day of departure 🙂 So in the next days and weeks ahead I will need to get some preparations done for that special week in August. I’ll share more about my packing and shopping list shortly so please stay tuned.


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