Packing List For the Holidays

Monday I’ve shared with you that we do not go on trips too often and that we are living in a gorgeous area in the Sunny South East of Ireland. And I told you that, soon, we will be going on a vacation in Ireland — to the South West, to be exact. Now you know a little more about the place and by the end of August you will get to see one or the other picture of it. 😉

Today I’m going to share with you a few ideas about packing to go on holidays.

I don’t know about you, but say, how long ahead of time do you usually pack? I’m just now, weeks before 🙂 , getting things ready for our trip, e.g. putting towels, camera case, paper notes that say medication or dog leads, socks that we aren’t using at the moment, and many other things on the bed of our spare room. I like to be prepared and would hate to leave important things behind.

What is important to you to bring along on your vacation?

Of course, there are times when we forget things and we will have to survive without our gadgets while we are away from home, won’t we? So we shouldn’t waste precious time then worrying and wishing for… Yes, forgetting to pack the medicine is a different story. However, in our day and age we can more easily get a hold of the subscription and buy the medication while on our trip.

Pile of daily supplies These are the things you would need for grooming, swimming and/or hiking and while on day trips. Imagine yourself at the holiday resort and now go through a couple of days there. Start with getting up in the morning: are your slippers* important to bring along? If they are, bring them along. Mentally go into the bathroom: what will you be looking for? Hairbrush? Toothbrush? Shower cream? Ask yourself: Will hand towels be provided in the hotel/holiday home or do you need to bring your own? Continue walking through your day/s there: What do you need at the beach? Beach towels? Flip-flops 🙄 could they be used for slippers in the mornings*? If you are going hiking you would need good walking shoes, perhaps waterproof ones? You might use them daily but they would take up a lot of space in the suitcase, wouldn’t they? Which brings me to the…

Second pile These are the things that you could bring along without packing them, e.g. the bulky hiking boots. Even if you are traveling by aircraft, why not wear them while flying to your destination? It would save you some room in your suitcase which will lead to less weight, too. Another thing on that pile could be a rucksack. Could you use it as a carry-on? Most airlines will allow for you to bring your camera, including its case, on the aircraft, so why bother putting it in the suitcase?

Notepad pile this is a more or less imaginery pile. Actually you might have a noticepaper on one or both of the piles above or on your fridge or close to your entrance door. Shopping list Write the things you want to bring along but you will have to buy at the store first. Keep the list close to the other piles. Whenever you do go shopping, use a separate sheet of paper, check the things you’ll need for your vacation and write them on your shopping list. Cross out the items as soon as you have bought and readied them to get packed. Don’t forget On these kind of lists you would write such things as “Medication” or “Dog lead” and keep them close to where you store these things until the last time of use — then, immediately pack them. Or else, you could keep these lists next to your pile of daily supplies until you packed the things and then discard the list.

Well, this hasn’t been a list of all the things you might need to bring along, mostly because I cannot cover every one of the many kinds of holidays here: summer and winter, swimming and skiing, traveling by car and other means of transportion, staying in a tent, hotel and holiday home, etc. Still, I hope I was able to give you some sort of an idea on how to pack your suitcase to go on holiday.


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