Hospitality Stress

Please forgive me but I will have to keep this post a bit shorter today. It has been a hectic morning and I couldn’t believe how quick the time went by. But you know what? I love having guests over! Maybe it’s because I grew up in a home where hospitality was important?

Many times my parents would have guests over — for a quick brunch shortly before lunchtime, for coffee and cake in the afternoon, or for BBQ in the evenings. There was plenty of food on the table and we were never short of plates, of course.

Sometimes, when there was some sort of celebration happening, the guests would bring some things but most of the time my parents did all the cooking: meat on the grill, an abundance of salads, and at least two cakes for dessert. Our friends and family members enjoyed the food and the hosts 😉

What not too many of them know was that before major events like birthday parties there was a lot going on: stressing out over the upcoming event and longing for the house to be spotless when the guests arrive. Yes, I loved it when people came over but I hated the stress my parents made the hours before their arrival.

Once food was being served everything was okay — at least for a while. The stress picked up again after our guests were done eating: the table needed to be cleared as quickly as possible, dishes brought into the kitchen to be washed, dried and put away. I didn’t mind doing that. In fact, I even began to love it.

How about you? Do you enjoy guests coming over for dinner? Do you usually do a major house cleaning before they arrive?


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