Source Of Life

If you would have asked me during my early childhood years, I would have said that I’m growing up in a Christian family. Decades later I know that the home I grew up in was rather a traditional than a real Christ-committed one. I often dwell on the thought of what would have happened had I been raised in a truly Christian home.

I’ll have to admit, my grandma did have a great influence in my life. Thanks to her, my parents prayed the same children’s prayer with me before bedtime: Müde bin ich geh’ zur Ruh’. We prayed together up until I was about ten years old. Then I was on my own. I kept on praying every evening, trying to find the right words that would please God. I loved to talk to the LORD and I felt safe each night, no matter what. However, I went off the path a couple of years later. What happened, you ask? I’ll have to save that for another day’s blog post (it’s too long of a story for today’s post).

My grandma also set an example, not so much for my parents but for me, to read God’s Word. She would get up very early in the morning and sneak out of the bedroom to sit at the dining table and read her Bible. Sadly, she never explained why she was reading it and she never read God’s Word to her grandchildren. However, seeing her sitting at the table with her Bible open in front of her is a picture I’ll now never should forget.

I say now, because for the first two decades of my life I had not been reading, studying and memorizing God’s Word. Nobody has told me about the Bible, nor how important, lifesaving and life-changing its message would be for me. That’s why, in so many ways, I often felt like the ring-buoy I always needed had been stolen, kept from me, and therefore my (new) life in Christ had been lost for such a long time…

If you do have small children or grandchildren, please do read the Word of God to them – even if it’s only a small portion a day. Help them to memorize verses and bigger parts of it. Sing Bible songs with them. Guide them to the Source Of Life so they will know where to go to once they left home.


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