The Christian Homemaker Blog – 3

One of the good things mentioned in Titus 2 is love, namely that the older women teach the younger women to love their husbands and to love their children.

Today I want to introduce what it means to love our husbands.

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The Christian Homemaker Blog – 2

Have you ever wished that someone would have told you the truth about how hard and painful it can be to become pregnant, give birth and raise children in this world? Or, have you ever wondered why, in a more or less civilized world, men and women are still fighting in a competition of who is worth more than the other? Why are people still struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives?

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Able To Perform In 2019

Tomorrow the paid plan for this website is coming to an end. Will I continue to blog? Did I decide about the future of this site yet? Yes, I sure did. Following is a quick update.

First of all, a dear friend and faithful reader mentioned that she had almost deleted last post’s email because there was an “unknown” name above the title of my last post. Some of the readers who signed up only recently don’t know me by my pen name (Mirjam Fels), yet. I’m sorry about the confusion this has cost. I’ve now changed it back to Able To Perform which suits it much better anyway.

Second, note please that in the coming weeks I will be sharing excerpts of The Christian Homemaker – Blog here but they will eventually disappear from this blog. I will keep on posting about biblical womanhood and Christian homemaking but in the future it will all happen on my new blog, meaning, if you enjoy the posts, which I hope you will, please sign up at the website over there to receive them by mail. Thank you!

Last but not least, Able To Perform is going to continue, however, using slightly different categories and offering less, occasional posts. In 2012, its main focus had been on home education and writing. It’s time for it to stick to its purpose again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!