The Christian Homemaker Blog – 1

I’ve been busy working on my new website and blog. Would you like to take a look at it? You will find it at The Christian Homemaker  

As for now, I will share excerpts and links to new posts of The Christian Homemaker’s Blog here so you can follow along through your WordPress Reader or by email.

I will also keep you updated on my plans for the future of this blog. Please stay tuned. Thank you!


Future Plans For This Blog

The plan at WordPress I signed up for is coming to an end in about a week. By the end of February the domain name will need to be renewed again, too. Due to its price but especially due to the fact that I don’t need all of the offered features of my current plan I wanted to save some money and downgrade to another plan. However, I could only renew the plan or upgrade to the next level, but downgrading was never given as an option by WordPress. So I decided to let the plan expire and sign up for a new one later on. Since that day, though, I have discovered another few disappointments on this platform.

The last few days I have been checking out a few other hosts. I began creating a new website with one of them. Hubby and I discussed a couple of options and plans and today he has made a decision and so I went ahead and bought a new plan and domain there.

As for now, I will keep this blog going. I wouldn’t find it fair toward my readers just to shut it down and disappear. However, I’m not exactly sure how the changes, e.g. of its address (domain name), will affect the internal links and readability. So if you do run into broken links, please bear with me. I’m trying to stay on top of it as good as I can.

I’m eager to start blogging at my new website soon while sharing the posts here with you. I will post excerpts and links to the original one. Depending on how things are working out here and there, I will leave this blog active for readers to come back to. Hopefully I don’t have to shut it down in the future. No matter what, I will keep you updated on my plans, of course.

Thank you for reading and caring!

Happy New Year

Seven days into the new year, how are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Did you plan to read through God’s Word this year? How is it going? Or are you still in need of a good reading plan?

A few months into 2018 we’ve started using The Legacy Reading Plan and we are loving it! I love the Psalms and find them so encouraging, so healing, so powerful. So I wanted to read them more often. In most of the plans we had been going through, though, I had always missed that. Yes, each plan will arrive at the Psalms at some stage. However, I wanted to read them all year long. This reading plan will help you to read through the Bible in one year while it’s still flexible enough for you to read more or less each day.

You might also want to check out last year’s post called Reading the Bible and Devotionals. It will give you a few more suggestions on reading plans and more or less famous books on devotions which I have found quite helpful over the years. In it I have mentioned Spurgeon’s devotional called Morning and Evening. It is currently (January 2019) available to download for free at