Study Of English

Writers are suppossed to read a lot and from a wide variety of texts. Another thing writers should do is to continually study the craft of writing — through reading books about it and/or take one or the other course. Perhaps learning more about the craft should also involve learning more about the language itself. What do you think?

I received the books and CDs of the Kings Of Israel curriculum and then the first part (Grammar & Composition) of my English course on 21st of June. Last Thursday the remaining books of the English 11 curriculum by Abeka arrived — just in time to start on the 9th of July.

So here are my study books for 2018-2019

As you see, there are some readers on my desk as well 😉 English 11 by Abeka Books calls for 6 book reports — one of them has to be on The Scarlet Letter. I was free to choose the other five books.

Did you notice the wooden box with flash/index cards? Hubby made that for me ❤ It will be a great motivational reminder during the tougher times of memorizing grammatical and literary terms, vocabulary and more.

So, what made me decide to pick up the study of English again? It’s exactly what I need at the moment: the bit of pressure of having to read a variety of books and stories (English 11 includes a great textbook called American Literature), the push of having to review and deepen and learn Grammar and Composition skills, and learning new vocabulary.

Yes, I could have signed up for a college class but the ones I liked were just a bit too expensive. I also wanted to have a course that is taught in a Christian point of view. Another reason for me to pick this particular curriculum was that I know many of the English textbooks of Abeka Books already and have worked through some of them during our homeschool years. Last but not least, this year I will be focusing on American Literature and next year, while working through English 12, I will be going through British Literature.

I’m very much looking forward to this year as well as next year’s English course. Are you currently advancing your writer’s education? Do you like to read know-how books about writing? Or, do you prefer to sign up for a course for writers?