Opportunities To Help Children Grow

Did you have a chance to work in children’s ministry before? If so, you will know how it feels when you are looking at the little ones while they are sitting in their seats and are listening to the story you are telling them. They might surprise you by their curiosity; and don’t you just love it when their hands go up and you see their faces sending that message to you: I know the answer! I know it! Please, call me to give you the answer!

I’ve had many opportunities to help children grow and influence them in a positive way. I worked as a daycare provider and loved it! I helped out in Sunday School while I was living in the States. I tutored and watched over younger and older students doing their homework at my house. It has always been such a blessing to me to have children around…

Since a few years things have slowed down a bit. I’m older 🙂 and I don’t come across that many opportunities anymore to help out in children’s ministry. Yes, I did an hour here and there but nothing that would call for much responsibility or involvement. So, can you imagine just how touched I had been, back in May, after my friend asked me if I would teach the memory verse in July’s kids club week? These past two days, Monday and Tuesday, I’ve had the privilege to help out at a Christian children’s camp.

I really enjoy working with children but, whenever I do, I’m usually a bit nervous, too. Leaders and teachers can have such a tremendous influence on these little ones. My worry is that I’ll end up talking too much about myself and focusing too much on people (even characters from the Bible) instead of telling them about the precious Savior and how He can be found.

If you are working in the children’s ministry, may I ask you not to take it for granted nor too lightly what you are doing? Please, do pray before each teaching opportunity and do ask for God to work through you. The less we are trying to influence the children ourselves and the more we are telling them about our amazing God, the LORD Jesus Christ, and what He has done for us, the more real He will become for them.

Let’s help children grow in their faith by teaching them about the true Source of life and how they can access it (the Word) because that is what they will need especially when hardship strikes!


Practice — Persistence — Promise

Have you ever lost your keys? They say that, to find your keys, that you should repeat some of the steps or mentally go through what you have done before you’ve lost the keys. It’s said that this will help you remember and find your keys again. Most of the times this doesn’t work the first time we do it — so we have to do it over and over again until the light comes on.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

I’ve had a good foundation in music theory before I started learning to play the piano about four months ago. It seemed, though, that I was not making much progress at first. It wasn’t anything like playing the flute, which I did until I was a teenager, when I only had to learn and play one melody for a song. With the piano this was total different story. Now there was a Grand Staff (two staves) and I needed to learn different melodies and chords for both hands. The first 50 lessons or so I was frustrated because most of the time I could not play both hands together. The hardest part was that the right hand has to do something completely different (notes and speed) than what the left hand has to play. The online piano teacher kept saying it over and over again: practice the part for the right hand again and again until you feel comfortable with it, then practice the part for the left hand until you can play it by heart and only then play both hands together. Guess what? Practice, practice, practice — and it eventually works!


During the birth of my firstborn I’ve come to a point where I wanted to just give up. I felt it was taking too long, I was in pain and it was hard labour to get this child out. But I had to continue and the birth had to be completed! Finally the child was born, wrapped in cloth and put into my arms. Everything — the past hours, the pain, the labour — was forgotten, seeing my son.


Sometimes we are so lost in our spiritual walk and have to remind ourselves what we have learned about God’s promises along the way! We have to practice, practice, practice: read God’s Word, pray God’s Word, sing God’s Word. And when hardships are taking too long, when the pain gets almost too hard to bear, when there seems no end to our work, we have to remember God’s promises!

It’s hard, yes. It’s tough, I know. But we have to press on and keep on believing in God’s Word until we see the Light!