You are just finished dealing with one thing and the next hardship already comes along. Or, you are still in the middle of battling with one issue while another — and maybe yet another — is added upon your shoulder. You feel overwhelmed. You know you won’t be able to cope with all of this much longer. You have come to the end of your rope.

Ever felt this way before?

This is how I have felt yesterday morning. Then the LORD brought something to my mind — something my old Pastor used to say often, mostly during our prayer meetings. He said that especially in times like these we need to look up to the One who can change things, the One who loves us so deeply, and who cares for us and our sorrows. We need to go to His Word. And then he shared that, in situations like these, he often goes to Psalm 91, reads and prays its words. That’s exactly what I did on Tuesday morning and I urge you to do the same.

If you feel like you have come to the end of your rope today, get your Bible out — even if it is dusty — and start reading the healing Word of God. Why not start with Psalm 91 and keep on going, reading a little more each day?


What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Did you ever feel like you are the only one who holds the view you do? As a Christian you certainly have bumped into people that think and talk about you like you are from out of space. Homeschoolers get these What’s wrong with you kind of looks from other people, too. And then there are us women who think of womanhood totally different than the world does.

How often do we feel left alone not knowing whereto we should turn to for help? And what do we do first? We pull all the other cards, give our own best, search for help in all other places 😦 We say our problem is too small to bother praying over or too big for God to change things.

Haven’t you heard? Jesus died for our sins and He rose again. A dead person wouldn’t listen, of course, he wouldn’t even hear what you are telling him. Yes, Jesus died, but He rose again and He is alive. He is the One who can change things and that makes all the difference. So, no matter what your problem is today: take it to the LORD in prayer!

No More Death

When a Christian dies we know that he has gone to be with the LORD. Nothing else could ever compare to the joy and love and peace of being with Jesus for ever and ever.

Nearly 24 hours ago I received a text message from my brother that my dad just died. It still sounds strange in my ears and I’m sitting here, shaking my head. I’m in a stage of denial, I guess, not wanting to think about this fact yet. But with his funeral coming up soon, I will have to.

Not even three months ago I’ve shared my thoughts and pain about my mom’s death. Now I’m having very similar thoughts and pain about my dad’s death. And now I need to cling unto the same comfort of not knowing whereto he has gone — hoping that, just like that one man next to Jesus on the cross, he was called home to Paradise within his last breath.

The following verses are giving me great comfort, not just after the death of a loved one who (hopefully) went to be with the LORD but especially during any time of hardship:

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

(Revelation 21:4 — KJV)