Occupation Writer

When asked for my occupation I’ll sometimes add another one to it. I’ll answer that I’m a homemaker and a writer.

In last week’s post I shared with you that, as a homemaker, I take pride in my role and I really appreciate it whenever a bank clerk, or any other employee who is asking me about my job, accepts my answer without any further comment.

Can you guess how different people’s reaction is towards a writer? Can you imagine the comments they are making? Writers, whether published or not, know what I’m talking about. People are usually thrilled and find it very interesting, a quite exciting job to have. Strangly, nobody has ever asked me the same question they ask after I’ll answer homemaker as for my occupation…

Have you ever thought about taking a job to earn a little extra income?

Unless a writer is famous or has written a bestseller, she will not make a fortune but hardly enough to make a living.

On the other side, there are two major advantages this job has:

  • Flexible hours
  • Free choice of workplace
  • I really enjoy working from home and also love the flexibility that comes along with it. However, I’m trying hard to give my best each week to stick to a tight schedule. If I don’t, I usually end up not writing a lot or not finishing in time 😦 Writing during the early hours of the day is perfect for me (even though I’m not really a morning person). If I’ll get right to it, I’m usually finished. by lunchtime.
  • I love the idea of having the freedom to write wherever inspiration hits: at the beach, in a boat on a lake, sitting on the sofa, etc. I don’t take my laptop along everywhere I go but usually have some lightweight, small tools like paper and pencil and/or a digital audio recorder with me. I also keep a small notebook and pen handy in my kitchen. You wouldn’t believe how many times ideas come to my mind whenever I’m washing the dishes. If I don’t jot them down right away they are gone later on.
  • How about you? Are you a writer, perhaps even a published one? Which hours of the day do you find best for your writing? Do you type on your computer or do you handwrite some of your thoughts, too?