Occupation Homemaker

On one of these past days while opening a bank account…

What’s your occupation?




Honestly? I take pride in my role and I really appreciate it whenever a bank clerk, or any other employee who is asking me about my job, accepts my answer without any further comment.

Have you ever thought about taking a job to earn a little extra income?

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that before. It will usually follow a comment I have made about my husband working so hard lately or about my wish to buy something expensive. Depending on who is asking me that question I feel more or less capable to answer it — and more or less hurt by it.

Yes, it isn’t always practicable for us women to stay at home full-time. Some circumstances will demand for us to get an outside job. I understand. I’ve been there. Having said that, though, I believe that, God’s Word asks us to become keepers at home who are baking, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, keeping finances in order, taking care of family business, teaching and watching over our children, and, most of all, supporting our own husbands. Imagine all the work we can accomplish every day. Most of the people out there could not afford to pay us a salary fit for all the different jobs done by us. The household is well looked after. We take control of our days and adjust our schedule accordingly.

No, the world cannot look down on us and our occupation. We are well equipped for most tasks and are saving our family time and money. In fact, as soon as time allows, we can build a home-based business using the gifts God has given us to supply an additional income. Why would we go for anything less than managing and marketing our homemade products at our own convenience instead? Why should we want to commit to work at a corporation that is outside the familiarity of our homes? It will demand more of our time, asking us to work flexible hours, not showing any sympathy toward our love for our family, forcing us to neglect important things and people, e.g. the time our family needs us at home.

And it’s not just the time spent, it’s also all the extra money we will have to invest for more and special kind of clothing and makeup or for running a car. How many times will we, instead of cooking the meal, spend a good deal of our income on fast-food and prepared dinners?

If you are a stay at home wife, have you been asked before how come you are not working and earning money to help with the family income? How do you answer these kind of questions?


Blown Away

Remember the greenhouse in Friday’s post? Well, it got blown away by Storm Brian last Saturday. 😦

Greenhouse destroyed

We’ve saved up the money to buy it. We’ve spent days to put it together. Now it’s destroyed. Of course I was upset!

Why does God allow things like these to happen to us?

“Why? Why, God, is this happening to us?” I asked. And, sure enough, the thought what have I done to deserve this came into my mind. I felt guilty for my impatience while putting it together. I wondered what else I had done or said wrong — to commit the sin of ingratitude — so that the greenhouse was taken away from me.

Faith shaken

I don’t know about you but situations like these shake my faith. I might ask, “God, where are You in all of this?” I might doubt God’s goodness in that moment. And I surely cannot see the meaning behind the hardship.

Sometimes Job comes into my mind. Then I wonder how on earth this man — who has just lost everything — could continue to praise the LORD:

And he said, Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. (Job 1:21)

God’s Infinite Wisdom

No matter if we understand it or not, there is always a reason behind it. Sometimes the reason becomes clear within moments. At other times it will take time for us to understand ‘why’ things were going the way the did. And then there are hardships we will never fully understand until we reached heaven.

The most important thing, here and now, is to remember: no matter what, cling to Jesus! Don’t be blown away by your disappointment — which will only lead to anger and bitterness!