Keep Calm

I used to own a green coffee mug with a shamrock and the following words on it:

Keep Calm. It’ll all be grand.

At times, life turns into a rat race and we’ll slip into an unhealthy hectic lifestyle, won’t we? Then it so important that we will cut out a few things and learn to say No. That’s the time to keep calm, trust in the LORD, willingly hand over things to Him and acknowledge Him that He will direct our life (Proverbs 3).

Beside keeping calm there are some things we can do to make life easier on us — and others:

We should keep ourselves and our homes in order (clean and neat). The best way to avoid clutter in the house is to work off the pile of papers and to assign a place for everything. If we keep our homes clean we won’t have to stress out when unexpected visitors arrive.

We should keep and follow a schedule. It’s time to view the time God has given to us as being precious. Let’s take it seriously. Time is a gift from God and not to be wasted. We need to get to places on time, being punctual not only for appointments and for meetings but also for gatherings with friends and family. Another thing is to work off the daily tasks. What will happen if we procrastinate? Tasks become harder and harder, more and more uncomfortable, the longer we are pushing them aside.

Also, let’s remember that whatever we do we should do it with our might (Ecclesiastes 9:10) and as to the LORD and not unto men (Ephesians 6:7, Colossians 3:23)

By the way, the coffee cup I mentioned earlier had been a good reminder that, in every circumstance, I need to stay calm. In this Irish saying there is no referral made to the LORD. Still, I’m convinced that All will be grand — not due to the fact that I keep calm but due to the fact that the LORD reigns